Pensions Concerto

Welcome to Pensions Concerto. A new dawn in valuation systems allowing all stakeholders in a plan to perform scheme valuations, de-risking calculations, cashflow projections and asset liability modelling, in the most efficient collaborative way!

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  1. What is Pensions Concerto?
    A state of the art, web-based, valuation system designed to promote collaborative working from a secure, shared multi-user platform. It commoditises the valuation process so allowing users and advisers to focus on areas where they can most add value.
  2. What makes Pensions Concerto unique?
    System architecture designed to allow all stakeholders in a plan access to a secure, multi-user valuation system, focussing on ease of use and instant, one-click results.
  3. Who can use Pensions Concerto?
    Trustees and their scheme actuary, plan sponsor and corporate actuary, pensions manager, asset manager, investment bank or de-risking specialist, and insurers for buy-in or buy-out quotations. Each user decides which results to share with other users and which to keep confidential.
  4. Why should I use Pensions Concerto?
    To add value by performing immediate calculations for funding, de-risking, strategic investment, accounting etc. Minimises the delay and inefficiency inherent in the traditional single-user approach, potentially leading to missed trigger opportunities.
  5. Won't Pensions Concerto cost me more?
    On the contrary, with our highly competitive pricing, and the ability to operate from a shared platform, using Pensions Concerto should significantly reduce the overall cost of the management of your pension scheme. No more delay and duplication of valuations by multiple advisers!
  6. Who should I contact for more details or a demo?
    Please ring Patrick Lee on 01202 528840 or see our contact page.

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Concerto and music

Concerto is all about teamwork. InQA founder and Concerto main developer Patrick Lee is passionate about music and regularly performs as a keen amateur pianist and double bass player.

We at InQA are proud to have sponsored the award winning Wessex Youth Orchestra from 2006 to 2016

WYO at Royal Albert Hall in 2011